Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moda - za on i onu. Fashion - for him and her.

Jeans. I wear Seven For All Mankind, bootcut, men's, 31."

I have a pair that is almost only threads. I can't remember why we were in the men's department of Nordstrom. Perhaps because we the store at that entrance. Perhaps because my friend and her husband wanted to shop in that section. Perhaps because I knew I wanted to buy jeans and I recalled that in high school, I wore men's Levi's 501 jeans, and I wondered if men's jeans would again work. I am in graduate school now and jeans are practical and expected, a good pair with some stretch material would make that uniform feminine and flexible - ways to dress it up or down.

I tired on these Seven For All Mankind jeans and asked my friend, "Is this what you felt like when you tried on the perfect wedding dress?"

As my body has changed over the years and as these jeans have stretched out, I have had them altered. Four times. About two years ago, I bought a pair of women's Seven's, and that didn't work. The waist fell in a way that interrupted my line and I found somewhat unflattering. I also felt indiscreet wearing them as they sat low on my hips. I might sell them to the resale shop here. Why did I buy them? I didn't have that "perfect wedding dress" experience in the dressing room. I guess I just thought I should be a female and buy products for women. Perhaps I thought that would make me more like the feminine girl my mom imagines I should be. Finally, time to go back to the men's dept.

I bought my most recent pair early this spring at Nordstrom. I took men's and women's pairs to the dressing room (in the men's dept -more fun) and tried them both on. The salesman told me, just by how his face looks, that the men's jeans were perfect. They looked quite feminine, hit all the right lines. I tried on the women's jeans, to be sure. The salesman said, buy the men's. I did.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Every Girl Wants

I would like a puppy. A boxer. It would be fawn.

I would name it Rex if it were male and Swateena if it were female.

We would take long walks together on the weekend, but during the week, two short walks daily.

My puppy would sleep on a bed of cedar chips placed inside the house, by the back door.

My puppy and I would be best friends.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Gay Marriage Goes Global

The themes of Knjiga Za Svakog Pedera's recent post, How to Choose a Partner, ideas of what makes a marriage, were picked up by the New York Times Magazine in an article this weekend - click here for a link.

MAGAZINE | April 27, 2008
Young Gay Rites
Why would gay men in their 20s rush to the altar?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kako ćemo izabrati ženu ili muža (How to choose a wife or husband)

From KZSŽ to KZSP:

Kako ćemo izabrati ženu ili muža (How to choose a wife or husband)

The authors seem to be moving it to the level of practicality and decision making. Science. And a bit...

Does this work also for the pederi who are now interested in long term partnerships? It is quite a bit about what goes on between two people, without considering the conditions in which they live.

A good and lucky choice of a marriage partner is a great happiness. It means finding a person who is more than physically acceptable to us, but also with whom we have shared interests, goals, likes, and tastes. It is impossible to get along with and happily live with someone who has opposite desires, hopes, and wishes than ours (even though we often see such marriages) who has other points of view on life and who finds interests in other areas than we do. It is hard to share life with someone who has no reaction to things that excite us or who is very interested in things that leave us cold. For that type of married pair, it is possible to say they do not speak the same language.

Other than understanding and feelings that bring them together, an important accomplishment in a marriage is its sex life, but even if that is in harmony or even more, if in life together as a married pair there is only that aspect, marriage will leave feelings of disappointment and emptiness. Feelings that unite, dedication, loyalty, and true friendship in the end will, over time, take the place of the hot sex that takes place in the first year of marriage.

Dobro i sretno izabrati bračnog partnera velika je sreća. To znači naći čovjeka koji nas ne samo fizički privlači nego s kojim imamo zajedničke intereste, ciljeve, zajedničke nazore, pa i ukus. Nemoguće je složiti se i sretno živjeti s čovjekom koji imae suprotne žele od naši (iako je u praksi često tako) koji ima drukčije poglede na život i koji nalazi interese na drugim područjima nego mi. Tesko je djeliti zivot s covjekom koji je revnodusan prema onome sto nas uzbudjuje ili se strasno zanima za ono sto nas ostavilja hladnim. Za takav bracni par moze se reci da ne govore istim jezikom.

Osim razumijevanja i osjećajne povezanosti, važan činilac u braku je i seksualan život, ali ma kako bio skladan, on nije vječan, i ako u zajedničkom životu postoji samo ta komponenta u životu bračnih drugova, nastat će razočaranje i praznina. Osjećaj povezanosti, odanosti i pravog prijateljstva u kasnijim ce godinama zamijeniti seksualni zanos prvih godina braka.